TBI is a group of companies that modernizes and maintains our physical living environment. Homes, offices, schools, hospitals, roads, tunnels, bridges, locks, factories and shipyards. Throughout the Netherlands, our work can be seen. From small initiatives to large, talent projects. For public or private clients.

Within the Engineering, Construction and Infrastructure segments, TBI distinguishes five market-oriented clusters, in which TBI companies from the various disciplines market, collaborate and share knowledge:
Real Estate – Living – Utilities – Technology – Mobility

TBI wants to renew, organize and maintain the physical environment in a sustainable way. We want to contribute to society by adding economic and social value to the living, working and mobility of people. Together with our partners, we work on the future of the country, with the idea that it can always be better. Smoother, smarter, more efficient and durable.

We work on a society with strong infrastructure, smart offices and clean factories, in which technologies contribute to an optimal working environment. With homes that do not use energy but deliver. We want to build safe tunnels and realize insurmountable, groundbreaking projects. But we also want to ensure that existing buildings and certain monuments are preserved. By rebuilding, renovating and preserving. Because our cultural heritage is the future too.

In everything we undertake safety and sustainability and innovation go hand in hand. We therefore challenge ourselves every day with new, complex designs. It calls for smart cooperation, both within our company and with partners, and the use of modern technologies. As a result, solutions that our clients can trust. If we meet our ambitions, we need the best people. Therefore, we focus on personal development and stimulate entrepreneurship and own initiative.