TBI is a group of companies, whose goal it is to develop, renew and maintain our physical environment. Houses, office buildings, schools, hospitals, roads, tunnels, bridges, canals, factories and marine installations. Our work can be seen all around the Netherlands. From small initiatives to complex, high-profile projects. For public or private clients.

Within the segments Technique, Construction and Infrastructure, TBI distinguishes five market oriented clusters, in which the TBI-companies expend, work together and share their knowledge from different disciplines.

Working at TBI entails working at an agile network organization of companies. You’ll experience the benefits of working at a small, decisive company with freedom, but also those of a big, solid employer. Safety, innovation and sustainability are key. All employees get the chance to think beyond the borders, to grow further and develop themselves. Together, we work for and to our society. Our vision, our focus on sustainability and our architectural and technical expertise can be found in many innovative projects like the Market hall in Rotterdam, Waterfront in Harderwijk and the Triodos Bank in Driebergen.

Today, we present two companies of the TBI-family: JP van Eesteren and Koopmans Bouwgroep. Both construction companies, but both different.

JP van Eesteren is specialist in utility projects like innovative office buildings, hospitals, hotels, universities, or a mix of these. Koopmans Bouwgroep realizes completely new residential areas (build in concept or traditionally) and also innovative utility buildings. Buildings where people live, work, learn and spend their leisure time.

On a daily basis, the employees of both JP van Eesteren and Koopmans work from a drive to change construction processes, matching the always changing world around us. Time after time, they realize projects that answer the changing demands of time. More sustainable, more flexible and more multifunctional.