Building the present, creating the future

Our society is constantly changing, and the built environment changes with it. We can make clever use of the Internet of Things (IoT), data and virtual reality to meet the needs of, for example, residential clients. And imagine the effect of self-driving cars on the infrastructure of the near future! On top of that, the tremendous progress technology has made over recent years has brought innovations that can revolutionise the building process: robotisation, 3D printing, drones.

New types of contracts require a more customer-oriented approach, in which the end user and the environment are the starting points. Developments in the circular economy motivate to offer a sustainable solution for every demand. Thinking in possibilities helps our society to grow. BAM has the ambition to be the leader in these innovative developments. What about you?

Royal BAM Group is the enterprising builder, with a professional approach to innovative and sustainable solutions. From tunnels and hospitals in the Netherlands to jetties in Australia and soccer stadiums in Abu Dhabi: BAM plays a leading role in many groundbreaking projects.

BAM is active in construction, property and civil engineering, as well as in public private partnerships (PPP). You can find BAM in every phase of the building process: from project development and design to construction, management and maintenance. BAM is one of the largest European construction companies – a market leader in the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany. The Group undertakes specialist construction and civil engineering projects in niche markets worldwide. With approximately 21,000 employees, BAM delivers thousands of projects every year.

Personal development
One of the advantages of working for a large organisation such as BAM is the career  development opportunities. At the BAM Business School, our inhouse training facility, you can take various types of training and courses. Together with your manager, each  year you draw up a personal development plan based on performance management, in which you explicitly state your development objectives. In order to meet new people, we encourage you to join Young BAM, our internal network for younger colleagues.  Young BAM organises many events such as site visits and informal get-togethers.

Sounds attractive? Then please contact us for your (master’s) internship, a starter’s position, or the BAM Graduate Programme. See for opportunities, or follow us via @WerkenbijBAM on Instagram or Facebook.