ABT, as an independent consulting firm, provides added value to the built environment. This applies to buildings as well as infrastructure, new development and reuse. We operate within the Netherlands and abroad. Based on our all-round engineering and process knowledge, we explore the boundaries of the possible together with our clients. We do this within the specified framework and
with a focus on sustainable and new developments.

ABT is a multi-disciplinary firm that quickly, flexibly and effectively combines the knowledge of its more than 200 employees. For projects of any scale and in every phase of the construction process: ranging from initiative and design to construction
and operation. Our services are focused on the structural engineering, civil engineering, architectural engineering, building physics and installation engineering knowledge domains. Design, project and building site management also form part of our areas of specialisation. Collaboration between these knowledge areas is self-evident to us. This is how we arrive at high quality, innovative solutions in which engineering is paired with process knowledge.

Our multi-disciplinary approach helps us in being leaders in areas such as sustainable construction, renovation and transformation, Building Information Modelling (BIM), parametric design and underground construction. Through means of collaboration and a passion for our profession, we help clients realise their ambition. From vision to realisation, from concept to building: ABT delivers to expectations.