Tijdens de ‘Cases’ zal je ervaren hoe het is om aan een echt probleem te werken uit het werkveld van bedrijven. De casussen zullen dit jaar plaatsvinden op maandag 14 maart van 13:30 tot 16:30.

De bedrijven die de casussen aanbieden zullen hun casus focussen op de B, A of U richting. Onder begeleiding van de bedrijven moet er worden samengewerkt om het probleem aan te pakken. Dit is tevens ook een gelegen moment om al je vragen te stellen over werken in de sector van het desbetreffend bedrijf. De casussen van dit jaar zullen worden gegeven door Snijders Ingenieursgroep (B), BiermanHenket (A), en Turner & Townsend (U).

  • Snijders:
    Designing a high-rise tower is already quite a challenge but designing this tower in prefab is next level! Such a design involves all kinds of challenges: for example, how do you ensure the stability of the building, how do you get the prefab elements from the factory to the construction site and how do you make sure that all facilities are included. You don’t just look at the final situation of the building, but also at the situation during the assembly. How can the elements be temporarily braced, what is the construction sequence? These are all questions that make this case an interesting and challenging puzzle, just like in the real world. In this case study, you are involved in the whole process, from the preliminary phase to the final phase. The challenge is to design a high-rise tower in the heart of Amsterdam and use rough manual calculations to find out what kind of forces we are talking about. While brainstorming, some key details in coupling and anchoring used in steel and concrete construction will be highlighted to steer the discussion/conversation.

  • BiermanHenket:
    The case is to transform the former monumental Citroën garage in Amsterdam into a multifunctional and high-standard building. One part of the building will be renovated, and the other half of the building will be demolished and rebuilt. Together we will talk about the program and work on the sketch design for the new building. This will contain sketches and a small model. What will the mass look like? How will it react to the existing part with its own monumental architecture? And what is the influence of the surroundings on the design? These are questions that will become clear during the design process and which we will discuss.

  • Turner & Townsend:
    The case given by Turner & Townsend will be about The Shell Headquarters. This is a project that comprises four buildings, totaling approximately 110,000 sqm, mixing heritage buildings with a modern, sustainable headquarters. In this case, you get the chance to learn how to control this construction project from a financial point of view.

De inschrijvingen voor de Cases zijn momenteel geopend en zullen sluiten op vrijdag 11 maart om 14:00 uur!