During the cases, you will experience what it is like to work for a company on real cases. The companies will focus their case on the B, A, or U-track. This is also the perfect moment to ask all your questions about the work environment within the company or working sector.

With the B case, you will get in the role of a constructor and look at a renovation project. The focus will be on optimizing the tender process, with a big challenge in temporarily removing a big stability element.

With the A case, you will design a transportation hub whereby you will focus on the architectural diagrammatic representation of your idea.

With the U case, you will discuss a certain area/neighborhood for which you will define a program make your best offer for this.

This subscription is currently closed but will open in time for the 21st edition of Bouwkunde Bedrijvendagen in 2022. So stay tuned to not miss out!