Companies vision on: sustainability

Carrying over from last year, the event ‘Companies Vision On:..’ will be held again on March 11th 2020 during the 21st edition of Bouwkunde Bedrijvendagen. The topic of this year will be decided later but will most likely be related to sustainability as it is becoming a more and more important topic nowadays. The government together with many construction companies, decided that by 2050 the entire built environment has to be energy neutral. However, we are not close to these goals yet. Sustainability will therefore play an increasingly important role in the construction sector over the next 30 years. This invites for a conversation with various companies and students to see what their points of view are. Also, it is the ideal opportunity for students to see what the companies think is needed and what they expect from the future but also from future employees.

During this event, 3 companies will go into conversation with each other. First, they will represent their company and explain how they include sustainability in their work. After this, they will discuss their point of view on different aspects of sustainability in the built environment. You, as a student have the possibility to ask questions and join in on this discussion.

No subscriptions are necessary because the event will be live-streamed on YouTube. Click here to go to the Companies Vision on: Sustainability!