Buying a new house may be a party! You do not do it every day and it is probably one of the most important purchases in your life. Therefore, we are committed to bringing you from start to finish into the new construction process. This way, we’ll increase the trust, we will help you with a mortgage and, if necessary, we will help you with the finish.

The home maker
FORM is a nationally operating developer and builder. We develop and build locations where people like to live, both inside and outside the city. Vibrant neighborhoods, beautiful streets, beloved architecture; We look at every project that is needed to make people truly ‘home’. Initiatives like VORMFinance, VORMotica and 6D Wonen are examples of this.

Better Building You Do Together
Better Building You Do Together is the name of a VORM program, in which we actively develop our construction staff and we give content to our vision of sustainability. In addition, it is the way we want to work with our buyers together.

FORM Finance
FORM Finance is the financial division of VORM and every (potential) buyer of a VORMHuis is entitled to full guidance by VORM Finance. As a buyer of a FORM Home, you benefit from special conditions and special options. These options not only make buying, but also living in a VORM House more advantageous. Our financial specialists stand aside in optimizing the benefits that unite in the VORM Ruim Life program®.

The pillars of this program are:
• Mortgages. Your mortgage via FORM
• Energy efficient living. Lower energy bills by NEXT NRG®
• Ensure. Your insurance through VORM; Protect your properties smarter and cheaper.

VORM Finance operates as an independent financial service provider. We select the best deals on mortgage, insurance and savings from a wide range of domestic and foreign providers. Conversations with VORM Finance are always free of charge!

We are working hard on new products that will further enhance your comfort. Consider, for example, the use of domotics (called VORMotica). For this, we use as basic products of Digitalstrom and NIKO that can be coupled with other products such as Philips Hue lighting, SONOS sound equipment, Doorbird, thermostat and smoke detectors from NEST and Siemens and Miele connected. Connecting everything creates an automated environment that creates intelligent homes.