VeriCon Ingenieurs BV


Our believe is that by innovating together we make better, cheaper and more manageable buildings possible.

Especially now, the challenge lies in the intelligent linking of the design process and construction preparation in order to increase the efficiency. We are convinced that through the proper use of knowledge and systems this is feasible and wherever possible we put this into practice.

better, cheaper and more manageable: 100% BIM
By really aligning various building parts and disciplines we can make buildings without a punch list or defects while safeguarding maximum structural safety.

In our view, this alignment should take place in precise generic and specific as-built models. By using these models for building the costs for building and construction preparation continues to decrease and property management becomes easier and cheaper. This is what we call 100% BIM.

The prerequisite for each construction task is collaboration; in our vision this leads to optimal results in terms of quality, budget and planning.

The right choice in project organization, platforms and procedures enables the ultimate collaboration in order to achieve a sound structural design together with all project partners. Focusing on integrating economic and sustainable aspects, occupant wishes, architecture and building facilities.

VeriCon applies a number of themes as a guideline throughout our office and work.
100% BIM
structural safety
sustainable construction