Van Wijnen

We are Van Wijnen

Van Wijnen develops, builds and manages real estate. We take a local approach, yet with the economy of scale of a large enterprise. We are a company consisting of  independent companies with 24 locations throughout the Netherlands. This is why we speak the local language of our clients and work on a sustainable basis with local  people, partners and suppliers.

More than just building
What brings a building alive? The past 100 years have taught us that it is not about bricks & mortar, but about people. After all, living, working, learning, caring for each other and relaxing is what gives true meaning to a space or location. Because we love our profession, we look beyond technology in a literal sense. In every assignment we search for the right ‘click’ with residents, clients, external parties and fellow experts.

This means that our work is never a stand-alone project, but needs to retain its value to as many people as possible for as long as possible. This is how we define more than just building.

A great place to work
Van Wijnen brings the best of two worlds. On the one hand, we are one of the key specialists of the Netherlands providing all sorts of opportunities for further self-development. On the other hand, we are a close-knit community of people from the local area. What you can sense everywhere is the sheer ambition and passion of a variety of specialists who are determined to create something unparalleled together. These are people who do not only complement each other in terms of their own discipline, but who also inspire each other to think out of the box. There is a distinct common bond, both at work and beyond.

We search for the very best
We strive to excel in what we do. This means that we are in search of excellent people! We are always interested in motivated pupils, interns and graduate students. You learn from us, and in turn we would like to learn from you. With us, you can gain  practical experience in the form of apprenticeships, graduation internships and workplace training positions. For you this would be an excellent learning experience, for us a new source of knowledge and skills. We will provide you with plenty of room
to develop yourself through training, workshops, coaching programmes and guidance by experienced colleagues. In addition, we will give you the space for social commitment apart from work.