Van Meijel

Building can be simpler

Building is complex. The better construction companies are able to deal with this, the more successful they will be. This is where we help builders on a daily basis. From our “building-can-simpler” conviction, we want our customers to be more successful. They can build better and run less risk. That makes everyone better. Building can be simpler.


Our mission; We are convinced that construction companies can achieve better quality and higher returns using IT.

Personal, open and value driven; Our core values ​​are personal, open and value driven. We deal with each other personally. Our teams work together with each other. In all we do, creating value for our customers is central.

How do we add value? We look in everything if it can be simpler. We are constantly working on where we can add value. And that’s what we do:

  • By exploring together where the pain, hordes and challenges lie
  • Until we have a complete picture of the problem and we can present where VanMeijel can add value.

We are proud of our work.