Twynstra Gudde

Twynstra (Twynstra Gudde in the Netherlands) is an independent management consultant firm, based in the Netherlands with offices throughout the world to assist with local support (via Cordence Worldwide). Our mission is to make the Netherlands more beautiful and economically stronger. We explore our clients’ requirements and challenge ourselves daily to come up with innovative and feasible solutions together with our clients. By doing this, our consultants contribute to a world where people and organisations pursue sustainable development.

Twynstra’s method is multidisciplinary, pragmatic and result driven. We use our knowledge, talent, enthusiasm and network in projects and consultancy. Our consultants and project managers work in areas such as environmental investments, urban development, risk management and contracting, healthcare, real estate and housing, mobility and infrastructure, security, water, energy, and education. Our clients are mainly public and semi-public organisations such as local governments and the Central Government. We excel from strategy right through to realisation, based on our experience in public/private cooperation, change management, organisational management and project and programme management.

Twynstra is an informal organisation that also stimulates informal and social moments such as the so-called ‘vrijmibo’. Besides our own projects, we visit finished projects of and with our colleagues, give lectures and occasionally visit another city to get inspiration (from for instance our colleagues abroad).

Working at Twynstra Gudde

Knowledge development is important to us. That is why Twynstra Gudde provides the opportunity through internal courses and trainings to gain personal and professional development. Next to several possibilities to combine consultancy and project management, for students it is possible to apply for a (graduation)internship.

Working at Adviestalent

Adviestalent is the young talent company of Twynstra Gudde. Adviestalent counts 30 young consultants who work on projects that matter! In these projects, they work as a junior consultant and project manager at government organisations, educational institutions and corporate companies.