Strukton Worksphere; technology and buildings; design, development, realization, maintenance, management and the operation of technical systems and buildings in the Netherlands.

Strukton Worksphere is passionate about technology, focusing on engineering works and technology driven specialist fields. Maintenance and management, using high end technology , domain knowledge and craftmanship are the basis of the company. From that basis, Strukton Worksphere adds value to a sector that goes for safety, quality and sustainability of buildings. After all, everyone has the right to a comfortable, safe and accessible world, both now and in the future.

Strukton Worksphere is synonymous with a careful, honest and socially responsible way of doing business. Our business principles are combined with attention for functionality, quality, operational life and a good price-quality ratio.

Strukton Worksphere is committed to ensuring that its employees come home safe and sound after each work day. This is why safety has a prominent place with it’s employee wellbeing policy. In addition to safety, wellbeing also includes training, social return and health. We are working on innovations in a wide range of areas. The principle is that innovation should provide a sustainable alternative and the principals must also earn back themselves in sustainable solutions and projects.