Stevens van Dijck

Stevens Van Dijck is an independent, autonomously and nation-wide operating consultancy in the field of building management, accommodation and property advice.

Our Building Managers can manage the development process of your building to make your ideas and demands come true. They will lead the team of consultants and contractors and make sure all knowledge and experience is deployed to your benefit the best possible way. They will challenge them to deliver peak performance and see to it that this happens!

Our Accommodation Consultants can advise you on the most suitable accommodation for your firm. This may involve developing master plans or suitable workplace concepts, and their implementation to optimise your firm’s operations.

Our Property Consultants inspect and judge existing property or development plans. They screen them by means of feasibility studies and technical due diligence. They assess sustainability levels and advise on management and maintenance.

Stevens Van Dijck is a team leader, consultant and critical partner. Our work is based on your questions and demands. As pure and driven professionals, we have our own vision and ambitions. Choosing Stevens van Dijck means not being afraid to ask for response; to reach the best result together, or, in other words ‘to team up with ambition’.