Stevens van Dijck

Stevens Van Dijck is an independent, consultancy in the field of building management, accommodation and property advice.

Our building project managers manage the development process of a building. To ensure that the ideas and demands of our clients are developed in a controlled way and that it meets all requirements.

Our accommodation consultants give advice on the most suitable accommodation for our clients company. And they implement those concepts in order for an organization to function optimally.

Our real estate consultants inspect and asses existing property or development plans. They screen them by means of feasibility studies and technical due diligence.

Our office provides services related to the new build, renovation, restoration and refurbishment of building projects in the field of offices, hotels, retail, residential, municipal buildings, theatres, hospitals, university buildings and high-tech buildings.

Working at Stevens Van Dijck is more than just work; it is fun. Our colleagues are not only smart, they are also driven and involved. We work together. Cooperation is vital for our organization and not only within projects. Working together motivates us. Every month we organize the SVD Academy, in this we share knowledge and experience with each other and we regularly visit one of our projects.