Republiq is a young company with a strong ambition. Our mission is to make all public real estate smart. We do this by using data, from all different sources. By making public real estate smart, we ensure that it contributes to both its stated financial and the social goals. We think it is important to make pragmatic choices when it comes to public resources. We believe that the market and the government can work smarter together. PPP, chain integration and performance contracting are therefore part of our services.

Our ambition is translated into our projects. We helped out the municipality of Amsterdam with regard to their new ground lease system by making calculations, tools and coaching. For the municipality of Rotterdam, we developed a dashboard which enables them to compare their real estate with the set governmental goals. We advised the municipality of The Hague with their housing vision. And we make tools for housing corporations, so they can get insights on their real estate portfolio in a more easy, fun and quicker manner.

Republiq is a front-runner when it comes to using big data. We believe that the (real time availability) of data has start a new phase in the real estate sector. We now can make evidence-based decisions. Our tools and dashboards give more insights and contribute in making better decision..

This year we were named “Best Workplace”. This makes us proud. Working as an consultant is a kick-start for a highly promising career. Nowhere you will find so many projects and angles in such a short time. The expectations are high: this means that you work every day to improve yourself. And we help you with that. If this resonates with you, take a look at our website to see what kind of vacancies we currently have and we hope to see you soon!