Powerhouse Company

We are Powerhouse Company

The foundations of architecture and design lie in the powerful process of creativity and in the mastering of craftsmanship. That is also why we are proud of our projects. They are the result of an intensive, service-oriented interaction with our clients, our partners and the project context. Our approach is comprehensive: the creative concept, the detailing, materiality and spatial qualities are intrinsic and integral parts of our projects. At the same time, we think that optimizing budgets, orchestrating schedules and making technically perfect buildings are things of beauty, too.

Powerhouse Company has office in Rotterdam (the Netherlands), Oslo (Norway), Munich (Germany) and Beijing (China). We are a full-service architecture, interior architecture and design company. This means that we continuously work on a wide range of projects: from public projects such as train stations and schools, to developer initiated projects such as office buildings and housing blocks, to private residences, interiors and products. We do this not only because we are excited by the diversity of challenges and opportunities that each of these commissions bring. We strongly believe that architecture, interior design and product design are areas of expertise that strongly influence each other and ultimately can improve each other. This not only brings more value to the design and the way our buildings and objects create quality, it fundamentally raises the value of our projects for our clients. Originally founded in 2005, Powerhouse Company is now being run by partners Nanne de Ru, Stijn Kemper, Stefan Prins and Paul Stavert.