Pieters Bouwtechniek

Pieters profile – who we are:

In short
Pieters Bouwtechniek is a leading, independent engineering firm specializing in construction-related consulting. Making sure the load-bearing structures of building projects have the right composition has been our business since 1974. From structural design and advice through the final completion of the building. With offices in Haarlem, Utrecht, Delft, Amsterdam, Almere and Zwolle. Grown out of love for our profession.

What we offer and to whom
We provide construction-related consulting on a wide range of ambitious and exceptional building projects. Even tearing down interior walls in your home is one of our services. Deepening our expertise and our enjoyment of the work are our motives. This not only makes us an all-around firm but also a hands-on and reliable partner. For the architect and the contractor. For the government, for businesses, and for housing associations. For the project developer and the private individual. In other words, for you.

Breadth and scope
With six locations and 100 project draftsmen, structural engineers, project managers and designers spread across the country, we serve our clients and provide them with the advice they require. This makes us one of the largest independent firms in the field of structural consultancy. At the same time our regional offices make it easy for us to visit you, to provide consultancy services and to monitor the construction site, adding to our strengths. This personal and accessible approach truly benefits mutual cooperation and, as a result, the project.

Dedicated and committed 
Pieters’ people. Passionate and hard-working with absolute attention to the client and absolute attention to the profession. We thrive on translating technology into daily practice. That is how we started back in ’74, how we have grown naturally and how we still work today. The result? Durable relationships with satisfied clients and high-quality structures.