Peutz is a group of independent engineering consultancies specialised in a wide range of fields related to the design and building of any type of architectural or industrial development. Specialities range from acoustics, building physics and physics of urban design, noise control, and environmental technology to fire safety, sustainability and the optimization of working conditions. Over 150 technical experts work spread over five independent desks, with establishments in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy/Spain and Belgium.

We operate laboratories for specific fields in building physics such as: acoustics, building physics, wind technology and fire safety. These laboratories, based at the establishment in Mook in the Netherlands, are used for specific project-related research as well as fundamental research studies. The laboratory for fire safety is unique in it’s way, because we are the only engineering consultancy that has one.

In our building physics laboratory, we have various facilities for research to perform in the field of urban design physics, indoor climate and façade quality.

In the building physics lab we have:

  • Climate rooms, in which we examine 1: 1 reconstructed (office) rooms for thermal comfort, the performance of installation components, and the interaction between technical installations and building structures.
  • Façade test arrangements, both inside and outside, where we can investigate real-life façade parts for air and water tightness, slack density, stiffness, condensation behavior and thermal insulation behavior.
  • Space for experimental setups and applied research on installation components and other product research.

On our Youtube channel you can find several videos of tests in our laboratories:

Ambition to work at Peutz?
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