The Nieman Group creates sustainable buildings where people can live, work and recreate safe, healthy and comfortable. Our clients are in the entire building sector: from corporations and project developers to self-developing builders, construction companies, architects and governments. The Nieman Group consists of Nieman Consulting Engineers, Nieman-Kettlitz Facade and Roof Advice, Nieman-Valk Technical Advisory Office and Nieman Quality Assurance. Our approximately 120 employees work from the Utrecht and Zwolle offices. We want to be up-to-date, involved in development, participate in design and execution teams, manage building information models, be demanding, collect and transfer knowledge; In short, we want to join ‘In’ t Hart van de Bouw ‘! Our service package is very diverse. The Nieman Group has knowledge of building physics, construction engineering and building regulations. In addition, we advise you on installations, facades and roofs, building management and energy, sustainability and management policies. Thanks to the combination of theoretical and practical knowledge, the Nieman Group is working on an optimal design: robust quality, cost-effectiveness and good engineering details.