Nelissen Ingenieursbureau

Nelissen Ingenieursbureau is an independent engineering consultant in the field of integrated consulting of installation engineering, construction physics (including acoustics, fire safety) and durability.

We strive for optimal results in every design. That result is: an aesthetic, appealing, fun and comfortable building that is also flexible, robust and durable at the same time. In other words, a building that fully performs in all aspects. At the heart of the design process is sharing knowledge and experience between all parties involved. To meet openly with each other, it is possible to complete the often complex design questions. In addition, it is important to actively involve the client and / or user (s) during this process. We distinguish ourselves by achieving a better overall result with an integral design attitude. We strive to reduce the costs of space, energy and energy wherever possible, without compromising comfort. Increasing the quality and integration of installations in the building with a reduction of total project costs as a result is our trademark.

We advise in the fields of installations, building physics, acoustics, fire and durability. As one of the few engineering agencies, we have all these disciplines in an equivalent way. We are working with the team for a good construction shell, and fit the installations in this jacket to ensure the desired comfort. Use more dumb technique smartly than using high tech wrongly. If during the design process a structural change (or an engineering change) is implemented, we are soon able to recognize the installation (or architectural) consequences, as well as to recognize the consequences in both aesthetic and qualitative terms, investment costs and operating costs.