MVSA Architects

MVSA Architects is a renowned international architecture and design firm with offices in the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland.

Our mission is to create architectural solutions that enhance wellbeing.

We plan, build and design seamless environments that add functional and emotional value for those who use them, enrich their surroundings, promote sustainability and help companies to succeed.

MVSA creates innovative and exciting architecture, future-proof and sustainable, within schedule and budget.


Everything MVSA designs should be future proof, contributing to a durable and sustainable society. Our solutions are the result of a collaborative, integrated design approach that embraces the entire architectural process, from first sketch to final detailing. We base each and every design on the functional needs of our client, the specific context of the project and the highest standards of sustainability. Our goal is always to mix this pragmatism with architectural poetry, to create a building that people love to use.


We search for the ‘soul’ of a commission, challenging every assumption – including our own. Our solution evolves from the questions we ask our clients, stakeholders, users and colleagues.

Our office team includes exterior and interior architects, structural engineers, workspace consultants, project leaders, sustainability experts, model makers and product designers. By blending these areas of expertise, we believe we can achieve more innovative and longer lasting solutions. We work as closely as possible with our clients, contractors, and external experts to ensure a tailored, specific solution every time.

Our skills include taking a coordinating design role in complex projects and we have extensive experience in new contractual forms such as public-private partnerships and design & build contracts. Since our in-house expertise allows us to manage each project from concept to completion, our clients benefit from a single contact from start to finish and a result that truly matches their needs – probably the reason why so many of them return to us time and time again.

Research is a natural part of our working process and we embrace experimentation and innovation. We have pioneered sustainable solutions from our earliest years and often employ a design-build approach, with the contractor on board from the beginning, for optimal results. Our technical know-how means we can get the best out of standard materials and processes, achieving surprisingly high-impact effects within schedule and budget. We pride ourselves on our technological ingenuity and our in-house expertise includes advanced modelling software and 3D printing. Our approach to materials is innovative, and we find our inspiration not only in architecture, but also in many other related disciplines.