Lybrae Consultants

Lybrae Consultants is an independent project consultancy and consultancy agency that delivers government and business life and offers solutions to technical, policy and legal issues. We are active in the fields of civil engineering, environment, spatial planning and administrative law.

Lybrae combines the knowledge of an advisory firm with the network and the flexibility of a project consulting organization. Our consultants offer us alternating challenging projects combined with the care, security and attention that our consultants can expect from a good employer.

Our services mainly focus on municipalities, counties, ministries, water boards, environmental services, RUD’s, engineering and consultancy firms and construction companies.

Lybrae wants to excel in finding, tying and capturing employees as well as advising and relieving customers on technical, policy and legal issues.

Lybrae Consultants aims to operate as a commercial organization with an eye for its employees, the social environment, the environment and human and animal health through integrating new work, sustainability, internet and intranet into our organization and sponsoring top sports .

We have more than 175 own consultants with technical, policy and legal expertise, which we work on with our clients.

We carry out many assignments annually at municipalities, counties, Rijkswaterstaat, environmental services, RUDs, water boards, engineering and consultancy firms and contractors.

An important added value of Lybrae Consultants is that we are active in niches of specialist fields, that we always carry out specific projects with our own professionals and that we attach great importance to the continuous training and training of our consultants. As a result, we are unable to select and deploy the best people for projects.

Both customers and consultants can always use or relinquish the knowledge and expertise available within our organization and with our other consultants. We have a large and specialized network. Lybrae Consultants also distinguishes itself in this.

Lybrae Consultants is part of Lybrae Netherlands and has been active since 2002. We have offices in Maastricht, Eindhoven, Arnhem, Rotterdam and Breda.