LEVS architecten

LEVS architecten works from the notion that architecture and urban planning have quite a significant impact on our surroundings, on people and society as a whole, as well as the environment. We welcome the challenge of complex projects in which our aim lies in finding surprising solutions which deliver a result beyond prior expectations. Our goal is to design buildings and areas where residents will eventually articulate a passion about the places they work, live and inhabit; spaces which express an optimal interweaving of functionality, aesthetics and sustainability.


Adriaan Mout, Jurriaan van Stigt and Marianne Loof are LEVS’ three principal partners who are intensively involved in all projects. Our field of expertise and interest is all encompassing and includes residential construction and health care and education buildings, as well as urban planning. We work with both urban and rural settings, whether the projects concern new construction, reuse or renovation and restoration. Given our firm’s depth of knowledge, we also possess the expertise to handle complex, mixed tasks involving distinctive programmes. Our projects are not characterised by a fixed, set signature design aesthetic; at all times our firm’s guiding principle is to design, detail and create buildings which weave a connection with their locality and surroundings. Key elements in our design process are collaboration and a focus on solutions. We design to build and are driven by a ‘feet-on-the-ground’ idealism, with the aim of creating value for both the client and for society as a whole.