Hurks: an enterprising family company

Hurks building & real estate development is an enterprising family company with branches in Eindhoven and Utrecht. We specialise in utility and residential construction, and realise a large portion of our own development projects. Founded over a century ago, our family company is especially focussed on the long term. We do not only build; we play a key role in all stages of a building’s life-cycle.

From Amsterdam to Maastricht

Our projects can be found along the axis of Amsterdam to Maastricht. We focus primarily on developing and building projects for municipalities, health and welfare agencies, educational institutions, housing corporations, investors and property developers.

Working closely with clients, partners and chain partners, we shape the space around us by taking the needs of future residents and users as our point of departure. With smart building concepts geared toward energy efficiency, the responsible use of materials and future proofness, we take an integral approach to sustainability.

Learning is growing

Our people – with all their knowledge and experience – is what makes us Hurks. We believe that giving employees the freedom to make their own decisions is an essential part of the success of our projects. We take responsibility when things do not go as planned and see challenges as an opportunity to learn.

Learning means growing. This is something that is not done alone, but together with colleagues. Work atmosphere, collaboration and communication are therefore important to us. We believe that each and every employee has a right to know what is going on within Hurks.

We get the best out of ourselves and each other by working together. Young, older, experienced and less inexperienced – this diverse mix of people and personalities is what makes us who we are. A seasoned building company with an eye for individual talent and craftsmanship.

Space for individuality

At Hurks, we value our eclectic mix of talented professionals. We strive to maintain our diverse employee base by cooperating intensively with schools, universities and knowledge centres. Many new colleagues stay with us after completing their internships or graduation projects. We also offer a number of traineeships each year for talented architecture graduates. We don’t work with predefined development programmes but empower our people to tailor traineeships to meet individual needs. In our opinion, this is one of the most important conditions of employment. By the way, our other employment conditions, including remuneration, are excellent as well.

Building your career

If you are enthusiastic about building your career at Hurks, please contact our Head of HR Sabina Bregten. Sabina can be reached via e-mail at