Hendriks Bouw en Ontwikkeling

Collaborative & Innovative Construction 

Hendriks Construction and Development is a full service Real Estate & Construction company. Besides the development and construction of projects which also covers MEP we also maintain the developed assets.

The company profile has changed dramatically in recent years and we are active in the following market segments: housing, healthcare, science park real estate and education. We coordinate the entire process from strategy into development and construction followed by maintanance. Our focus is the complete asset lifecycle which also consists of interior design, domotics, energy supply and financials.


We are constantly seeking the right person for the right job in the company. People with a construction or installation background who wish to contribute to the further development of our organization are always welcome for an introduction. We did like you to get acquainted with the versatility of our company and the various possibilities we can offer you.


During your traineeship, you will gain experience in the various disciplines of our organization. We provide an inspiring learning environment with sufficient challenge to develop further but most important is that you are an entrepreneurial person and want to develop in a constructive manner.


It is important that your internship or graduation assignment corresponds correctly to your study and towards the end of your internship or graduation period, we will evaluate the past period with you. In case of mutual enthusiasm we will discuss concrete job or career opportunities with you.

 Leader in BIM

In the Dutch construction industry Hendriks is a leader in BIM. We have applied Building Information Modeling since 2008 to our projects which supports an integral process. Our internal BIM engineering & modeling group is to deliver BIM models and also focuses on technologies such as augmented and virtual reallity and this group is to be as innovative and groundbreaking as possible.

The application of BIM delivers large benefits to new (home) owners. Not only the efficiency of construction but as an information library throughout the lifetime of the asset, thus creating intelligent housing. Working with BIM, modeling and the new innovative technologies must first of all be fun and as weird as it may sound more fun on the job is a management KPI at Hendriks.

Welcome at Hendriks!