Heijmans is a listed company that combines activities in real estate, housing, utility and infrastructure in the Living, Working and Connective areas of work. Continuing quality improvement, innovation and integrity, we realize added value for our customers. Heijmans realizes projects for residential consumers, companies and governments and, together with them, is building on the spatial contours of tomorrow.

Since 1923
Heijmans goes back to 1923, when Jan Heijmans started his streetmaker company in Rosmalen. In that time innovative by starting one of the first with bituminous road hardenings. After-war reconstruction gives plenty of opportunity to grow, by restoring and constructing roads and airports. In 1993 Heijmans received a listing on the Amsterdam Exchanges. This enables further growth. Nowadays, Heijmans creates space by launching innovative ideas and recognizing color in the market.

Contours of tomorrow
Eventually, ideas and solutions can generate more value for customers, if they are also good at the living environment. As a builder, we can make the difference there. Logically, therefore, we aim to bring together value creation and social relevance. By building buildings that generate energy, rather than cost. Design plans that save space and combine features and use materials.