Flexurance’s technical professionals are flexible and widely used. Customers can contact skilled professionals on virtually all possible specializations in Civil Engineering, Construction, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. As a professional, you are at the right place for a fascinating career with the exchange of work on interesting projects.

We offer excellent working conditions combined with challenging and urgent projects. Flexurance is good for its professionals and it also benefits the customer. The customer is assured of loyal and committed staff.

Flexurance has no secrets. Not for our professionals and not for our clients. Our open communication forms the basis for a transparent corporate culture where human beings are central!

The enormous amount of knowledge that our technical professionals have at home is being used to our advantage. Investing in the development of our professionals is self-evident. We regularly organize meetings where colleagues meet in a casual way to exchange knowledge and experience. Interesting and educational for our professionals. This gives the customer access to Flexurance’s total knowledge platform.

Flexurance is innovative in her personal approach. We make an analysis of their personality profile from all our professionals. Thanks to this innovative way of working, we can assess in advance whether the requested role within a project fits the individual capabilities and wishes of our professionals. Combining talent within our knowledge platform regularly leads to innovative technical solutions.

Flexurance has recently grown into a professional organization with multiple branches. The growth continues, while maintaining the unique corporate culture. Not only our professionals, we also aim for perfection. We ensure that the quality of our organization is carefully monitored; We are therefore ISO, VCU and NEN-4400 certified.