Enginear is an innovative player in the recruitment market originated from the knowledge, experience and network of more than 15 years of specialized matching and career guidance. We are specialists in the field of the built environment, in which we mainly focus on civil and building engineering. We bring together young engineers and employers in a substantive, effective and transparent manner. We use our knowledge and experience daily to grow and develop the skills of students, engineers and companies, and most of all, to ensure that everyone is working together enthusiastically. Every en­gineer that contacts us seizes the opportunity to make career choi­ces based on self-reflection and by doing this, creating a sound basis for their future. This approach is key to the success of every match between a young engineer and a company.

Furthermore, each student or young engineer can sign up for one of our free training sessions and workshops. It’s also possible to come to one of our offices for personal career advice where we talk about the best way to start your career.

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Student example
During one of the workshops organised in collaboration with OfCoUrsE! we met Esther. What followed was an introduction interview in which Esther filled in our personal style test, as well as our motivations test. Next, we discussed in-depth her resume, the goals she wanted to achieve in her career and what type of job would be the ideal first job for Esther. The personal approach of the appointment allowed us to fully understand Esther’s experiences and knowledge, her motivation in her career and her strengths. We at Enginear believe that only once you get to know a person fully, you can help him or her creating their career. Esther now works as a project manager in the real estate sector.