Enginear is an innovative player in the employment market that has emerged from the knowledge, experience and network of more than 15 years of specialist matching and career guidance.

At Enginear, it is about creating careers for students and engineers with a maximum of four years of work experience at bachelor or master level.
We are a specialist in the field of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geo-information. Also referred to as the Built Environment Area, or Built Environment.


In the built environment, Enginear brings together engineers and employers in a substantive, efficient and transparent way. Knowledge and experience are used daily to make students, engineers and employers grow and have fun working together. All young engineers are given the opportunity to make career choices from self-reflection, creating the right foundation for the future. This is the key to the success of each match. Enginear wants to be a leading intermediary for young engineers.


Companies are becoming more flexible, jobs arise and disappear faster and the labor market becomes one big advertising table. Highly educated engineers will have to make career choices more and more often.
At Enginear we want to share our knowledge of job application, personal leadership and career development with the new talents who will enter the labor market in the coming years. Every student or engineer can contact us online and personally to receive training, workshops and practical tips. Enginear knows and understands the target group and can advise employers in the needs of this target group: The new generation of engineers.

Our core values ​​are:

  • Transparent: in process and approach
  • Sharing: Continuous transfer of our knowledge and experience
  • Efficient: Always high quality service at competitive rates
  • Innovative: Use new technologies to optimize service
  • Personally: Apply an optimal balance in “online” and “offline” activities

Corporate Social Responsibility

Enginear has an active Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. It’s about being consciously busy with what you do in terms of people, planet and profit. In addition, Enginear works as much as possible with companies that carry an active CSR policy, in order to promote CSR in the chain. Wondering how we do this? You read it on there website!