Ector Hoogstad Architecten

EHA in a nutshell
Ector Hoogstad Architects is an architectural practice based in Rotterdam with a wide variety of design projects to its name in the Netherlands and sometimes abroad. We create powerful architectural designs that are fit for purpose, attractive, smart and appealing, with the accent on the human element. The input of our team of some fifty
employees guarantees high-quality, sustainable implementation and reliable service. We are a mix of young talent and years of experience, with specialists in many different fields from architectural design to project management and from sustainability to building information models (BIMs). Six broadly based expertise groups take care of knowledge management and development in their respective fields.

EHA is an all-round, full service architectural practice, which is just as much at home in a traditional projectbased set-up as in more innovative constructions such as consortia; if desired, we would even be happy to take the lead in a total engineering solution. Our design philosophy is rooted in a belief in the importance of close cooperation, both within the design team and with clients, end users and contractors. This approach leads to better ideas, smarter solutions and greater support for the proposals developed. It goes without saying that the closer the cooperation, the better the final results. None of this is possible without excellent communication, which can be achieved by such means as workshops, material samples or BIM models. EHA delivers maximum added value for its clients through its
mastery of all these communication techniques.

Architecture is happiness

Architecture is of immense value for our quality of life. We feel happier, work more effectively and get on better with other people in agreeable, inspiring buildings. Ector Hoogstad Architects does its best to make this happen. This is our passion as well as our mission.

We regard a design as successful if it is fit for purpose, attractive, smart and appealing. From our perspective, fit for purpose means respectful, responsible, sustainable, fit for human use, healthy and user-friendly. Attractive means timeless, meaningful and simply good to look at. Smart means useful, economical and flexible, while appealing means surprising, constructive, unique and irresistible.