Dura Vermeer

Dura Vermeer is active in construction, infrastructure, engineering and services. We develop at own risk, realise and operate projects commissioned by third parties. Dura Vermeer stands out and has an innovative method of working. Together with our partners we offer industry-leading, integrated and sustainable solutions for a wide range of building projects. This makes us a sound partner for our business relations, with a focus on continuity and sustainability.

Dura Vermeer keeps applying and expanding its 160 years of knowledge and experience and uses its professional expertise to contribute optimally to its clients’ ambitions in the future too. To that end Dura Vermeer is focussed on business relations and has a sound financial basis to fulfil these ambitions.

Dura Vermeer is aware of its influence on society and considers social responsibility self-evident. This is reflected in everything we do: in our projects, in our organisation, both directly and indirectly. This means that innovation, an open and honest way of conducting business, customer-friendliness, but definitely also care for the environment and sustainable entrepreneurship are hallmarks of our everyday management.

Dura Vermeer creates an optimum and stable work environment for its employees which fully contributes to the realisation of their individual ambitions. In this sound environment we continually challenge our employees to work on their self-development, creativity and entrepreneurship.