Professional Association of Urban Designers and Planners
In a full country, where thought is a necessity, urban designers and planners perform a pivotal function. With their plans and projects, they bear joint responsibility for the spatial design and spatial quality of our country. They feed the discussion and are at the same time subject to it. From society, they are more than ever addressed to their work. The professional group itself is subject to profound changes. New work assignments and new substantive tasks are the order of the day.

The BNSP wants to be a beacon in that dynamic environment and therefore ensures:
• a meeting place for experienced and young professionals;
• fostering mutual cooperation and exchange of knowledge and expertise;
• a bundled, respected and current contribution in subject discussions, policy, decision-making and management;
• stimulating a high level of professional practice and professional competence of the professional group;
• To serve the direct and indirect (professional) interests of members, collectively and individually.

In addition to (large) agencies, government agencies, training institutes and individual members with decades of professional experience, the BNSP also unites a large-growing group of young professionals, students and self-employed. The BNSP is there for the new and the experienced professionals.
In the BNSP working groups, regions and governments, more than 1,000 individuals, companies and organizations are active. Due to the unique combination of disciplines and roles (not just planners and designers, but also researchers, clients, teachers and policy makers), BNSP is a platform for knowledge development and exchange of practical experience.