Branchevereniging Nederlandse Architectenbureaus

Nearly 1200 architectural firms are united in the BNA, Association of Dutch Architectural Agencies. The BNA is a network that promotes modern, creative entrepreneurship. As a driving force, the power of architecture for the living environment.


Our mission is to strengthen architectural agencies that offer added value to clients and society in promising markets. The BNA focuses on architectural agencies, the architects’ offices and society as a whole. The use and utilization of collective strength and active promotion of architectural value are essential instruments.

Reinforcement of architectural agencies
The architectural industry is characterized by resilience, even in difficult times. The United States represents the collective interest of the industry, and it is working to strengthen agencies through stakeholder representation, the exchange of knowledge, the creation of good entrepreneurship conditions, and the facilitation of networks. The US is looking for new market opportunities for architectural agencies and actively contributes to a healthy entrepreneurial climate. Key tasks are:

  • Appeal of interest. Among other things: lobby for a good procurement culture, fair contracts, and solid building regulations;
  • Office Support. Among others: collective benefit, BNA International, courses via BNA Academy and online advice;
  • Industry Development. These include: BNA Research, Market Research, industry figures and concrete handles as the US Services Cards.

Added value
The added value of architects – and of BNA architects in particular – brings the BNA to the footsteps, in the (social) media, through campaigns and through the contest, BNA Best Building of the Year.