Ballast Nedam

The basic principles for our strategy are laid down in our vision, mission and values. They give direction and control and show who we are.


Our vision is that we want to be the most competitive construction company and want to be among the top three of construction companies in the Netherlands.


Our mission is to develop future-proof buildings and infrastructure through direct and open dialogue with our clients and partners: from dream to realization. This we associate with our clever view on coast efficiency, technology, global expertise and focus on operational exellence. Thus we come to groundbreaking solutions.

Our most important capital is our staff: experienced, skilled and hands on. These bind us through an inspiring and dynamic employer with challenging projects. Where they can put in their expertise, love for the subject and entrepreneurship.


  • Our customer first; Your question, your dream. We make the solution insightful and realize it. That is what we are most committed to. With sincere involvement and interest in your environment, we work on trust and build a valuable relationship.
  • Safety; We are aware that security is our license to operate. We can only realize boundary projects if we can safeguard security. Therefore, we are always aware of the risks that may cause us to work.
  • Quality; We do not compromise when it come to quality. Our quality is reflected in our people, processes and materials. They are ingredients that together form the quality we represent in our distinctive projects.
  • Teamwork; We can only be successful by working in teams. Teams with clients, partners and colleagues. For example, we seek and realize the best solution. There we feel at home and we create trust and respect. We inspire each other.
  • Love for the subject; We are real professionals. We love our profession. That connects and transfers the energy with which we move. It gives insight and creativity to always offer high quality, even in challenging and varying conditions.
  • Sober; We remain realistic. How beautiful the projects is. That’s also the way we work: hard and straight forward. It gives us the realization that we can make projects in planning and budget.
  • We love a challenge; We find challenge in the type of projects we make. But also in our drive for continuous improvement and renewal. Here we benefit from future challenges and projects.