Antea Group

 From city to land, from water to air; the  engineers and consultants of Antea Group have been contributing to our living environment for years. We design bridges and roads, we realize residential areas and hydraulic structures. However, we are also involved in themes such as environment, safety, asset management and energy. In the Netherlands, we grew under the name Oranjewoud to an all-round and independent partner to businesses and governments. As Antea Group, we also use this expertise worldwide. By combining excellent knowledge and a pragmatic approach, we design solutions in a feasible as well as a realizable way. Goal-oriented and with an eye for sustainability.

For more than 65 years. Technique, societal issues, laws and rules: all of these are changing quicker than ever before. Therefore, as an engineering and consultancy firm, we are always busy. This asks for flexibility, innovation and entrepreneurship. The  work that we do at Antea Group is very versatile. We design and calculate, we research and consult, we organize and realize. All of this is done in different fields of expertise. Whether you are a starter or a senior, a specialist or an allrounder: there are always possibilities within our organization. We always look for people from either HBO or WO who are passionate about their work.

However, trainees in the fields of civil engineering, industrial engineering, applied  physics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, built environment, CME,  urban design and environmental studies are always welcome as well. We look for people that really have an eye for the world around them and who like to work together. At Antea Group, you get the freedom and responsibility to determine your own course. Furthermore, we offer very versatile work in an informal organization in which you will feel at home instantly.

Facts and Figures
• In the Netherlands alone, involved in 17.000 projects each year
• Establishments in Almere, Capelle a/d Ijssel, Deventer, Maastricht, Goes, Heerenveen and Oosterhout
• The youth platform JOIN connects, inspires and stimulates employees until 35 years
• Active in Europe, Northern America, Africa and Asia
• Certified for the highest level of the CO2-performance ladder
• Antea Netherlands has 1452 employees
• Worldwide 3500 employees